Redefining fitness


At MOTION we are redefining fitness. We are a full service health club with some of the most elite trainers and health professionals in the city…all under one roof. We have state-of-the-art equipment, a sauna at our Myers Park location, an on-site physical therapist, nutritionist, massage therapist, chiropractor – and more!

From the moment you enter one of our facilities you are treated like family. Our Hype Team will show you around and make sure you have everything you need to get started.

For those who enjoy working out with a group, we offer small group classes and small group personal training, yoga, and stretch/mobility specific classes. If one-on-one training is your vibe, we will personally match you with one of our experienced trainers to guide you to your fitness goals.

From youth sports specific training, weight loss, lifestyle, and adaptive fitness  – we are a place of inclusion for EVERYONE, no matter what step of the journey they are in.

Our Leaders

Meet the Team

Mike DellOrfano

Chief Executive Officer

Endea DellOrfano

General Manager
(South Park)

Gaby Monrroy

General Manager
(Myers Park)

More than a gym